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Optimize Your Winter Break

This blog post was updated by Aditya Agarwal ’22 on 12/3/21, originally written by Peer Career Ambassador, Alex Rabell ’21. While finals and final presentations may be our main focus right now, winter break is quickly approaching. Here at Babson, we get a long winter break of about 5 weeks off. I am sure most…

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Staying Productive During Winter Break

This blog post was written by Peer Career Ambassador Calvin Wang ’19. It’s 2 pm on a Wednesday, you just got out of bed and had some pastries for “lunch.” You sit down to spend yet another day aimlessly scrolling through Instagram in one hand and choosing the next Netflix series to binge on with…

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Chillin’ Out Maxin’ Relaxin’

My winter break was the definition of laziness and relaxation. I almost had six weeks of break since my finals ended early. The first part of my break was spent lazing around in my bed; I started and caught up with the entire Vampire Diaries series during this time.  Let me put that in perspective.…