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Ashoka U: The Social Entrepreneurship Conference

By way of introduction, my name is Josuel Plasencia and I am a junior at Babson College. I am passionate about inclusive leadership and strategic consulting. I express my interest in inclusive leadership by running Project 99 (99leaders.org) along Yulkendy Valdez and Paulina Zarate (both juniors at Babson). Project 99 is incubating the new face…

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Entrepreneurship Fellowship: Venture for America

-Written by Brian Hickey, Venture for America Fellow, Babson College Class of 2015  The Babson experience emphasizes the value and importance of being surrounded by talented, inspiring, and motivated people. Above all, Babson highlights entrepreneurship as a means to create social and economic value. While many Babson students pursue traditional career opportunities, there are an…

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Twenty-Five new Entrepreneurs

My ties to South Africa have been established far before I was offered an internship at Wits Business School. For my first two trips to the country, I have had the privilege of volunteering in Mamelodi—a black township in Pretoria East. As a part of The Mamelodi Initiative, a community-based youth education and empowerment organization,…