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The Intern Pitch

And just like that, my 10-week internship program at GreyHealth Group is complete! The last week of the internship was highlighted by the annual intern pitch in front of a crowd consisting of Erin Byrne, the company CEO, Senior level Vice Presidents and ghg’s clients from Merck. Our pitch prompt was to create strategies, tactics…

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Advice for Entrepreneurs: Simplify your Pitch

This summer I have had the opportunity to observe and listen to many startups as they are raising money for their ventures. Here are my thoughts on a mistake that I have seen entrepreneurs make a few times: founders over complicating their idea. Every founder must be able to easily explain what their product or…

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Finding your Pitch

My internship in the Spinners ticket office has been a blast and incredibly educational. Working in sales is a long cumulative adventure, where every sales call builds on the previous one. Sales certainly offers many challenges, but is equally rich in its rewards. Leaving voicemail after voicemail is anything but fun. However, it is crucial…