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Three Reasons to Apply to Babson’s Merit Scholarships

Just under four years ago, I was awarded Babson’s Presidential Scholarship, which would become one of the main reasons I decided to come to Babson. The cost of the school I would go to was a definite concern, and my decision ultimately came down to either Babson or one of my local state schools, where…

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Scholarship Opportunities – Apply Now!

We know that college is a major investment for you and for your family. So, in addition to researching which school is the best fit for you, it’s equally important to pay attention to scholarship opportunities available at each of the colleges on your list. While many of you are in different phases of your…

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Tornado Watches, FDU & Financial Aid Too!

I made it! My first week of travel in New Jersey is complete and it included: 1. Surviving a tornado watch 2. Successfully remembering what my rental car looked like 3. Exposure to true aggressive driving   A special thanks to Bergen County Directors of Guidance for a great College Night this evening at Fairleigh…