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Following my Dreams in Hong Kong

With a huge passion for new cultures, traveling, and international business, I knew I wanted an internship abroad. I am originally from Bulgaria but moved to the United States at the age of eight to pursue a better education with endless opportunities for my future. I am so proud to say that this summer, I…

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Real Estate Industry in Asia

Working for a commercial real estate company, I was expecting to gain exposure to facets of the real estate industry, however, I did not realize how much it impacts business in Hong Kong. The hub for businesses is Central which has the most expensive real estate prices in the world. The company I work for…

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Hong Kong Work Environment

Over the course of this internship I’ve discovered how Hong Kong developed its reputation for having a fast-paced, innovative business culture. I was apprehensive of just how I was going to fit in here in that regard. What became clear however, is that this city is by no means a closed circuit. Regardless of your…