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Google’s Fear

This post was written by Rolando Chinilla ’15. Google’s new terms of service update allows “Shared Endorsements” – meaning they can show your name and picture in their ads. This update has been regarded by many as the legitimate control of Facebook in the market of targeted advertising.  Over the last years Facebook has certainly gotten…

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Babson students love social media. Last week, a Facebook trend swept college campuses across the Boston area. A company started a challenge called Facebook BeanPot. Basically, students from eleven Boston area colleges were to compete to see who could gain the most school spirit on Facebook and reach one thousand points first. We earned points…

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Music/Brand Integration & Social Media

This week at Live Nation I am working on a research project that explores how various brands try to tie themselves to a music artist, genre or simply music in general.  Whether this is through sponsorships or simply promoting an artist they like, my job is to find out how they utilize social media to…