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Before starting this internship I was prepared to commit eight hours a day to work and I hoped the rest of my days would be spent exploring beautiful San Francisco. After day one I learned that things at a start-up and change quickly and fairly drastically. One has to learn to pivot and how to…

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Be Prepared After Accepting

Being prepared vs. having expectations After accepting my offer from i love blue sea I headed to San Francisco to finally get my first look into the sustainable industry. I wasn’t all too sure what to expect from a start-up company that distributes sustainable seafood, but I had done some homework, reading articles on the…

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How to Find Your Perfect Internship

Be picky and be satisfied I started looking for internships in February but with my almost unrealistic expectations and very real schedule and financial limitations it was a miserable process. I had reached out to CCD, edited my resume countless times, and searched all internship listings on countless websites with little luck. To be fair…