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Rosita Brailovsky-Fine

Checklist For Completing a Successful Internship

End of Summer Internship Checklist You have spent countless hours working and revising your resume, visiting UGCCD, networking and connecting with Babson alumni in efforts to identify that perfect internship. You receive the happy news that you have been hired. You are excited and ready to tackle this new challenge. What next??Below are a few…

Rosita Brailovsky-Fine

Tips for a successful phone interview

How to shine during your next phone interview The sheer volume of candidates in the job market applying and vying for the same positions has resulted in a significant increase in phone interviews. Recruiters who are trying to balance the high number of prospective applicants to limited job openings share that initial phone screening interviews…

Rosita Brailovsky-Fine

Dating Apps and Resumes

  What does a dating app and your resume have in common? You might answer absolutely nothing! Well, countless studies have shown that both rarely spend more than ten seconds to make an informed decision on whether to continue the conversation. I am sure you have been told over and over “you only get one…