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Slow Beginning, Fast Ending

For the first few weeks, I have not done any heavy work that kept me busy for the whole day. However, last week was the first week that I felt like I was actually busy. All of the sudden, my team members were assigning me more tasks. At the beginning, my co-workers were teaching me…

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Connecting the Dots

Since I only work closely with one of the many teams that FRT has, it is difficult to comprehend everything that FRT does. However, it is up to the intern to seek that knowledge through different ways. These are couple of things that I did over the last few weeks that has helped to understand…

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Understanding the Business

FRT provides for institutional investors with comprehensive securities class action with filing and recovery services. On my first week of work, I have not performed any major tasks but I have been to a lot of meetings that educated me about the company’s services. In these meetings, the team has educated me about some of…