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On my way to work

Grab is my main means of transportation to go to work every day. (For those who don’t know, Grab is an ride-hailing app that was started in Singapore in 2012 and is popular in South East Asia nowadays. In a simpler way, if kids at Babson say: “Let’s Uber to the Woodland Station”, kids in…

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What do VCs look for in a start-up?

From the start-up’s point of view, pitching to investors could be an intimidating process in which start-ups have to present their heart out to convince the investors that they are the next unicorn and thus worth investing in. A pitch deck to present to the investors might vary depending on the requirement of the investors…

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Why VCs and 03 venture capitalists that inspired me

This summer, I am interning at a venture capital (VC) firm in Hanoi, Vietnam. The question I’ve been asked the most since the start of my internship is: “Why VCs?” I have a thousand answers for this question but it all comes down to one reason: The people! For every decision I make in life,…