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You Determine Your Internship, Education, and Career

Perhaps the most important part of an internship and life in general is asking questions. I learned this lesson (yet again) in my internship with The Melanoma Foundation of New England. Before the halfway mark of my internship, most of our focus was on marketing, surveying, and sales. While those skills are important, I wanted…

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Sales, Marketing, and Data, Oh My!

Myself and the other two interns, Brandon and Wyatt, have been working at the Melanoma Foundation of New England for a few weeks now and I have had a chance to survey a couple different types of work. For the first few weeks we worked mostly in sales by calling each of the organizations that…

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Getting Started

It’s been a warm week here on Babson campus since most days have been above 70oF. Many students have taken advantage of the great weather by studying outside or playing casual games of catch on the lawn. I’ve been doing the same as I gear up for my internship which will be starting tomorrow! I’m…