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Best Tools for your Internship

When you land your internship the hard work isn’t over, it’s just beginning. Here are a few tools that I’ve found incredibly useful in helping me work quicker and smarter at my internship (and best of all, they are free!) Facebook Messenger Facebook messenger is great when communicating with other interns. Companies typically use internal…

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Dear Brands: What Millennials Really Want From You

Brands are searching for ways to connect with millennial consumers. The days of free social media leading the way are over and millennials are more demanding than ever. If brands want to keep, or gain, market share of millennial consumers, there are a few things they should know. Below I have listed what I believe…

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Why Startups are Ideal for Nurturing Young Minds

Internships are a dime a dozen. Students scour the web for months applying to dozens of companies in hope of landing a coveted position. After a grueling search and many interviews, I landed an internship at Evol8tion, based in New York. Here are three reasons I love working at a startup. You have the freedom…