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Why My Friends Think I Never Did Any Work

One of the difficulties I encountered in my internship was that I was in a foreign country, and not just anywhere, I was in Israel!  If you have ever been to Israel and even if you have not, you should know that Israel is a beautiful country.  I was interning in Haifa, a coastal city…

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What To Bring To The Table

A lesson I learned almost immediately occurred when I pulled out a peanut butter and jelly sandwich at lunch.  The second the sandwich was in plain sight, the attention of the entire table was drawn to me.  Confused, I asked “is anyone allergic to peanut butter?”  The response was some laughter and then one of…

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Observations: Israeli Business Culture

This summer I am interning for FlowMed, a startup in Haifa, Israel. The business culture in Israel is very different from the United States. Below is a list of the things that have stood out the most for me in my time in Israel so far: 1. The work week is different I had to redefine…