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Thanksgiving During the Summer



Counting your blessings during not only your internship process but uncertain times like now is so important. Not only does it put into perspective how appreciative you can be for all of the people, resources, and opportunities that have been placed in your life but as well, this heart of gratitude allows others to be impacted positively by your presence.


While it seemed that many people’s conversations were centered on fear and anxiety due to our current world’s circumstances and the consistent dreading current events, I was really grateful to be surrounded by people who are doing everything they could in their current circumstance to create a brighter future with the tools, gifts, and talents they have been given. While it seemed like the news was doing a great job of sucking the energy out of people into this never ending spiral of doom, negativity, and loss of hope, my work environment was the complete opposite. The coworkers I interacted with daily kept on trekking forward with all their might in helping make the world a better place. By constantly looking ahead rather than backward, and pedaling uphill than downhill, this work environment mindset provided me with consistent rigorous learning. my mind was able to engage in pursuits that my heart has been desiring for a long time. From being the former president of Babson Fashion Group and now the current president of the filmmaking Association of Babson Olin and Wellesley College, rather than having to pick the fashion industry or the filmmaking industry, I’m grateful that God‘s decision ultimately was to have me play a role in both of these career fields. Truly, it is only because of the current COVID circumstances that working not only one but two internships was even possible. 


Thank you CCD for allowing me to complete two internships side by side. Thank you for supporting me in my professional endeavors. Thank you to the friends, family, and loved ones who provided sporadic doses of news updates from reputable sources. Thank you to both companies I worked for – Votary Films and Nidhi Embroideries – for caring about your employees, encouraging them in their work, and doing your parts to find Grassroot solutions for the resources in our control. 


For people that are having a difficult time to count their blessings around them, start small. Maybe you’re grateful for trying out a new software you’ve always wanted to explore or maybe it’s a really juicy plum you’re eating. Or, it’s counting all the people around you that are alive and healthy. Either way, take 10 minutes to open up the notes app on your phone or grab a sticky note or piece of paper, or just meditate in your head about how this life really is a free gift.