Undergraduate Blog / Defining Your Babson


Reflecting on my time as an intern at Next Generation Scholars, I realize that my time there has been both an asset and an awakening. It was an asset in ways that one might expect.  I got digital marketing experience under my belt along with great networking experiences with high-achieving people. However, I did learn some things that I was not expecting to have learned. I learned that I like being a leader. My supervisor told me that I automatically take the leadership position which shocked me.  This habit became really helpful when I got promoted to head of digital marketing internship, but now I wonder if I could come off as overpowering at times when others might also want to be a leader or take charge in some instances.  I also learned that I work really well under pressure. There was an instance in which I had a very limited amount of time to create an advertisement from nothing and have it approved and submitted. I really took that pressure and made sure that I did my work quickly but effectively. and eventually, it did pay off because not only did our advertisement get approved by our local newspaper but we got approved for a second round of advertisements for the next season. In addition, I also work much better with scheduled, recurring meetings than I do randomly timed meetings. That’s because I do like to plan ahead but when random last-minute meanings come up I’m less likely to be available.