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Internship Search Experience

To be completely honest, my internship search started a little later than most. I had decided that I was simply going to be taking online classes this summer. I did not think that I was going to have enough time to take up an internship simply because I was supposed to be staying on campus for my classes and had no form of transportation. However, when all Babson students were sent home, I flew back to my home in California. A non-profit organization that I was previously a part of reaching out to me asking if I wanted to apply to a Marketing Internship.  Right off the bat, they told me that the internship takes into consideration first-generation low-income students. They understood that my time commitment would have to be more flexible because I had to take of my siblings at home and work another job to pay the bills. Having an internship that was understanding of my situation during the outbreak really instilled confidence in me. Other internships were being canceled and had high levels of uncertainty as to what they could offer me in my situation.