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Getting more familiar with tech

Especially during these unprecedented times, everyone was forced to get more familiar with their technology, including me.  Some technology that I had used in the past for my work and life were things such as Google Drive and email. Google Drives was used mainly between the team and the supervisors. The supervisors would use these Google docs to share resources for us as well as track our progress. I would have to log in a progress chart every day during my internship.  working with Google Drive and email weren’t necessarily the hardest things to navigate just because I use it in my daily life and I have organized myself within these platforms pretty thoroughly already. Things that I had to get a little bit more familiar with consisted of things like Zoom, WebEx, Google Calendar. While I had heard of the platform zoom and WebEx it is a little harder to navigate than it looks. Most of the time I was simply a participant so all I had to do was join the meeting and that was pretty self-explanatory, but when I had to present certain things to my supervisors I did find it a little bit harder. It took me a little bit to figure out how to change my background two more appropriate ones and how to share my screen. Eventually, though, I got the hang of it.  Some other platforms that I found particularly helpful during my internship were the canva app. Through this app, I could create templates and share them with my teammates in a similar fashion to Google Docs. My teammates could then edit templates I had been working on which created a much easier collaborative workspace online.  This app is definitely something that I will continue to use when building my own businesses.