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Company’s Director of Human Resources is a Dog

Yes, I said it. Votary Film’s Director of Human Resources is a dog. And I, along with the rest of the company would not want it any other way. From first getting into the office and having Harvey sprint from one end of the office to the other end just to greet you is such a gift I take for granted. Then, as all Votary employees work diligently at their desks, we get a comforting reminder. A furry figure rubs up against our legs asking us to pet his head or throw his tennis ball. And honestly, though this could be looked at as a simple, little thing, his presence changes everything. He changes the way employees connect, work, and love. As Harvey reminds us that he is here, he at the same time is reminding us that we are fully seen and known. His presence is company transforming.


Harvey is the epitome of what company culture is like at Votary. On Votary’s website, https://votaryfilms.com/, this dog, Harvey is titled as the Director of Human Resources. Not only does everyone identify Harvey as the Director of Human Resources but truly he is our spirit animal and company mascot. Even when we had a client in, one of the coworkers with a smile casually said, “I hope you like dogs”. Harvey is in our office everyday and loves to greet our clients. He brings our entire company together. 

Harvey’s parent is the Creative Director, Jono, who is such a skilled filmmaker (as you can view a number of his produced masterpieces here: https://vimeo.com/votaryfilms) . Harvey has been an extremely important part of my internship. His presence has allowed me to realize I really enjoy having personal relationships with my coworkers. Furthermore, I value working with people that are animal lovers and are cool enough to not only have a dog in the office but an office dog. As well, having Harvey here helps me not take for granted the blessings in my life – both the blessing Harvey is to my life and the heartfelt moment his presence brings for all of the rest of our coworkers. Never judge a company that has an animal in their office – rather, lean in, ask questions, and accept the warm embraces.