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Reflecting on My Summer Internship: Advice to My Past Self

This Thursday will be the last day of my internship and it has caused me to reflect on my initial goals and objectives. When originally looking for an internship, I wanted any experience I could get. Now, looking back, I would give myself a few pieces of advice. The first would be that any experience is good experience. I was tasked with a few difficult projects this summer, but they gave me great experience in many areas, including critical thinking and problem solving. The second is to never be afraid to ask questions. I was supervised by a group of people who were always open to any question I had, whether is was regarding a specific project or the Healthcare industry in general. Supervisors are filled with wise words and great advice that will be beneficial in future jobs and college courses. The third is to pay attention to company dynamics. It is a great learning experience to be a part of a real business and therefore a great opportunity to learn more about communication, roles, and company cultures. It is easy to focus only on tasks or projects during an internship, but there are opportunities to learn from almost every aspect of the job. The experience of being an intern allowed me to see the inner workings of the Healthcare Industry, even though it was a small portion, and that alone is experience that will aid me in my future endeavors.