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How to turn your internship to a job offer?

As an international student, one of the biggest challenges I face is “you are great, but we cannot afford to sponsor you” phrase. If you manage to land on an internship that means the company is already interested in you. Next step should be impressing them even more so that the expense of hiring you actually seems like a good payoff for the company. If you are having a longer internship you should try to establish a strong mentor relationship with one of your coworkers. Midway through your internship, you should start telling your interest in a possible job opportunity by asking how the hiring process works. Also if it is your senior summer you should consider an opportunity to work part-time remotely, which will increase your chances of landing on a job as well as earning an income. You should not be scared to ask for an opportunıty because your eagerness to work there will make you more likely to get hired. Also you will not lose anything by asking but you may lose on a great offer by not asking.