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Trust the Process – Changing Values and Lessons Learned

Sales has never been my thing, it’s something that never quite interested me enough to try out. Until Fyrii, an innovative software B2B marketplace helping specialists monetize their technical expertise. It has been great working for a company that provides such an interesting solution in the sales industry. Reflecting on the past few months with the company, I have come to grow and mature in a variety of ways. 

Branching out of your comfort zone

Interns will come across a lot of tasks that may seem daunting and uncomfortable at first. It is important to embrace these opportunities as they will help you grow, both professionally and personally. Before you know it, you’ll find yourself asking for challenges, and turning them into new passions. 

Learning in different ways

There were often times when I found myself doing repetitive tasks, feeling like there was no room to grow. Although I may have been doing similar tasks to those I’ve done in the past, I was absorbing entrepreneurial thinking as a side effect of working with such an early stage startup. I was advancing my collaboration and time management skills, and I was learning about a new industry. Soft skills are just as important as technical skills! This opportunity also helps weed out what industries are and aren’t interesting to an individual’s future career choice. 

You get what you put in

Any experience is what you make of it! You’re going to find yourself doing boring tasks, but also exciting marketing campaigns and press releases. You create your own opportunities, and you can make anything a great learning experience with a growth mindset. It begins with changing your perspective. Don’t view the task as something you have to complete, but rather by what you are going to learn from doing it. What you get out of this commitment is all in your control.

Challenges don’t mean failure

No matter what stage of life you’re in, you will always face challenges. It is important to not be discouraged and remain positive. You need to properly assess the situation and put yourself back on course. Own your flaws and understand the areas in which you need to improve. Your life is in your control and you can use these setbacks to grow. Life is one long learning journey, so might as well maximize it and accept the challenges as feedback.

Always remember to trust the process, let the opportunity guide your learning! This internship challenged me to learn something new everyday! It’s helped me further define my career goals, learn more about myself, and the people around me. This past summer has been a rewarding experience and I hope to carry these lessons with me throughout my future.