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Technology in a Virtual Internship

For someone my age, technology does not always come easily and I have often noticed I have to spend more time to learn new skills in this area. During my virtual internship this summer, technology is more important than ever. I realized I needed to develop my skills in data analytics by utilizing my stronger skills, problem solving and communication. I am currently working on a slot utilization report that requires in depth understanding and use of google sheets, pivot tables, and data analytics. Almost all the work that I have done required outside learning which was aided with YouTube tutorials and the teaching of my supervisors. This project has created a new curiosity to become more proficient with data analytics tools as I notice this field growing. I have realized that growing these skills is something that could set me apart as an intern and professional in the future. After working with this data over the past few months, I feel I now have the skills to quickly analyse large amounts of data and create easy-to-understand tables and graphs. Before my internship, I knew technology was not an area of strength for me but now I see it as an area to grow immensely and I find myself excited about the opportunity it presents. Learning new skills is difficult, but with the right tools and determination it has now become an area I feel extremely strong in.