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Overview of the Corporate Culture outside of the US

Financial Capital – the company I am working for, is rather small in terms of the number of staff members. They constantly hire interns for their projects, and promote constant learning and growth for their employees. The team that I work with directly, consists of recent college graduates who are further in the game than me in terms of skills and experiences, but also eager to learn and improve. I love hearing their stories about building a career in Russia and what does it mean for them to work in such diverse organization with a strong international focus. I learn a lot from my colleagues, and that is what enriches my experience here. Also, I take part in the business case study seminar, where all employees read the case study and prepare an analysis, answer questions, and then discuss their findings during a weekly meeting. The work is challenging in a way that I have to learn how to use my interpersonal skills effectively in a business setting, how to cooperate, and how to contribute my ideas in the group discussions. As an intern, I am responsible for a security valuation project with the team. I also participate in other projects that the company does, attend meetings, and assist during partners’ interviews. The overall working culture and work flow is very nice, as there is a great deal of independence and value of the personal opinion in the decision making process. I think such attitude would be a rare find in the consulting corporations in the U.S. I love how approachable the highest management is and how invested they are in seeing their employees take initiatives and growing. I also feel a great degree of independence and freedom when I work on my projects, and not as much micro-management, which is great.