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Getting hired – COVID edition

COVID has changed many circumstances in our lives, including the ones related to the job offers and internship search. Since the start of my junior year, I was dedicated to getting an internship at a firm, which will provide me with invaluable skills and knowledge. Moreover, I wanted to do something that I am truly passionate about. I have scheduled a meeting with a CCD advisor, and we have put forth the strategy, which would bring me closer to my goal. I have researched a lot of websites online, visited career fairs, and tried to become better at networking. It took a couple of months to see the first fruits of this complicated process, but it was all worth it – I got an intern position at Google, at their European HQ. However, with the pandemic, my offer was rescinded, since the project I was supposed to work on was put on hold. I was heartbroken and lost, because it seemed like this internship was everything I worked so hard for and everything I needed to jump start my career. However, I knew that not much changed in my desire to work over the summer and learn by practice. I have started my search yet again. It was not as exciting as the first time around – the majority of position have been filled prior to April, and some firms have cut back on their hiring efforts. However, I came across this company called Financial Capital – it is a boutique investment management firm, and I liked their investment philosophy and their current projects so much that I decided to shoot them an email. After going back and forth about their history and my aspirations, I have scored an interview and got an offer. I am so happy that I haven’t hesitated about sending them this email. It was just a knock on the door, which then opened and gifted me more opportunities I could ever wish for. I am also thankful that CCD was their every step of the way to support me, and when the things did not go as intended, I still kept applying all of the tips I heard from my advisor.