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Key Takeaways and Advice from My Internship

As my summer internship is coming to an end, I would like to reflect on my new experiences. I accomplished so much at my internship and hope to apply these skills and experiences in the future. 

  1. Even if you’re not “learning,” you are. At the beginning of my internship, I believed that I wasn’t learning as much as I could. Rather, I was teaching others and myself. These are leadership and collaborative skills that I used. I was also dealing with conflict that I was able to learn from. From these situations, we was able to understand how to resolve conflict. This is an example of the soft skills that I learned. Not all skills have to be completely technical!
  2. Be Social! I have made a few really great friends through the course of the internship. It was extremely fun to have others that understood the process and how I was feeling. Not only that, but they were able to help me grow as a person personally and professionally.
  3. Express your emotions and opinions. I feel that working at a smaller and start-up company, it easier to get your opinions through to the higher ups and make changes. I definitely feel that for this to even happen, you need to tell them how you feel. There were situations where I felt that the company would benefit from certain changes that they could make and I told them that. They were understanding and accepting of my opinions. I also made sure these opinions were not just completely personal, but had some research or evidence behind them.

Although these felt like a short couple of months, I believe that I learned so much. I learned something new everyday whether it be about the company, a software, an application, and even myself. It was an extremely rewarding experience that I would not want to change.