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Company Culture

Company culture is so important when evaluating whether a company or position is the right fit. Company culture has the ability to make or break your experience and your work ethic. 

When your values, beliefs, personality, etc. align with the company culture, you can become comfortable, happy, focused, efficient, driven, and many other positive traits. 

At my internship, I found that everyone at the company has a similar mindset. At their stage right now, everyone has the same goal of growth. I am only in the office with the two co-founders (president and CEO) but I have met other members of the team in meetings, online, or via email. I noticed that the team has a good sense of humor and is willing to help each other with anything. It really feels like a team. My work that I have been doing has been very individual, but I have many people I can reach out to for help, and they will generously help me and give me some direction. I also carry what I feel like is a good amount of responsibility. That my team members trusted me right off the bat with important tasks gave me the confidence and the drive to succeed this summer. 

Personally, the team is all into health and wellness, something that I am really passionate about too. There is a gym inside their office, and the brand also promotes a healthy lifestyle. During my time in college, health and wellness has been something that I have been increasingly interested in. I have always been an athlete and ate healthy, but I have been eager to learn more, so I am glad that my internship aligned with my interests. 

Because of what I mentioned above about my internship, I feel very comfortable at work. I thoroughly enjoy my work and believe in what the company is doing. I think this is very important to remember how content I am as I wind down my internship and start to begin a career search!