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3 Reasons Why You Should Meet Other Interns

In my experience, most companies with interns usually have some sort of internship program or have hired multiple interns. If you haven’t been able to meet other interns through your internship yet, I highly suggest you reach out to them for three reasons:

#1 They can be really helpful
At my summer internship, I have worked closely with other interns. When we complete similar tasks together, the other intern will let me know if I messed up or even help me out when I’m struggling. Having another intern look at your work and catch any mistakes before you send it to your supervisor is really beneficial. Even if you may not work directly with them, other interns can help you out by reminding you about staff-wide events and meetings.

#2 It’s nice to have friends at work
You can obviously be friends with your supervisor or your team, but becoming friends with other interns allows you to connect with someone who is probably going through similar life experiences as you, especially if they are around the same age as you. I love talking to other interns because it’s easy to relate to them and oftentimes I share similar career or personal interests.

#3 Build your network
Interns often overlook the value of connecting with other interns. You should connect with other interns because you share the experience of interning at the same company. At my internship, I’ve met interns that attend the same college as me that I’ve never met before. You should also keep in mind that other interns may be helpful in the future especially if they are interested in a similar career path as you.