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Strategic Goal Setting

Before my internship started, I set three goals for myself that I would strive to attain throughout the duration of my internship, the first being to sell 125 pest control accounts. I feel like this goal is attainable because 125 sales is equivalent to 10-11 sales per week over my 12 week internship. Broken down further, that is about 2 sales each day. Ideally, I hope to make more than 2 sales a day towards the end of my internship, but two sales would show me that I can consistently find at least 2 qualified customers each day and close them by effectively communicating the value of the service.

My second goal is to improve my communication skills. I not only want to be able to successfully communicate the value of the service to the potential customer, but I want to be able to connect with them so that I can tap into the emotional sales process. In order to achieve this goal, I will reflect at the end of the day about the sales I closed and the sales I didn’t close. I will determine whether or not I missed a sale because the customer was unqualified or because I did not connect with them. Then I will determine what I need to do next in order to connect more with customers and improve my communication ability.

Finally, I simply hope to obtain a valuable internship experience despite the current COVID-19 situation. My internship is still remaining in person, but with mask wearing and social distancing guidelines. As a result, it may be more difficult to effectively connect with a customer with the underlying fear of contracting COVID. Nevertheless, I will try my hardest to reach my goals despite the virus situation and the necessary health guidelines. If I can still be successful despite the many obstacles I will face during this internship, I will use it as a reminder in the future for whenever I come across any challenges or hardships.