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Career Skills Developed as a Student-Athlete

I am a member of the Women’s lacrosse team at Babson, which means I am a student-athlete! I love lacrosse and wouldn’t give up playing in college for anything. Even though this spring’s season did not happen, I am hopeful that we can play next Spring!

There have been times where I have questioned being a student-athlete. My sport is my favorite part of my day, but I wondered if those hours every day could be spent elsewhere in terms of career development. Perhaps without a sport I could take different classes offered in the afternoon, join clubs I am interested in, go to more speakers, etc. I wondered if I would have gotten a higher grade on a paper or a test if I had the extra hour to study. 

Whenever I find myself questioning my decision, I remind myself that being a student-athlete helps me develop relevant and transferable skills. I know the value of having a team and teamwork. I am competitive, and will always work hard to deliver the best. I know how to multitask, organize my day, prioritize, and focus! Lacrosse and sports have also taught me leadership. I have watched and learned from those older than me as they have lead, and have seen what makes a good leader and a bad leader. My own personal leadership has grown and I will continue to be a leader as I take on a captain role with the other captains. 

During my internship, I have found myself demonstrating some of these skills. I have been given projects, and the only way I know how to do them is to dive right into the challenge. I focus and work towards the goal. I am not afraid to ask questions because, first, I am interning to learn, and two, my work has made it clear that we are all a team helping each other. Often, a company is all working towards the same goal, just like a sports team does during a game! At work, I find myself being very flexible, which I credit to being a student-athlete. I know how to balance different tasks and prioritize what is important. 

Everything I have learned in the classroom at Babson has prepared me for well for a career, and with the experiences I have had with my lacrosse team on and off the field, I am able to feel confident, productive, and reliable in my workplace.