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Why should you go to the next Babson Alumni event? How to keep in touch with your Babson network and ask for internships?

I had 3 internships during my time at Babson and 2 of them were offered by Babson Alumni. If you are an international student trying to find an internship outside of your country it may seem challenging, but you shouldn’t forget that Babson Alumni is all around the world. If you go to Babson Connector, you can see a Babson representative for the country you are interested in, and it never hurts to add them on LinkedIn. The best way to ask for an internship is not asking directly, but telling the person about what your goals and interests are and asking for who you should talk about this. After you find a person who can help you with your career path, ask about their experience, learn more about the company/business, and do your research beforehand so the person knows you are interested in working there. Babson holds events outside of the US, and the turnover rate is quite high. I actually found about my internship through a Babson Alum who I met at a Babson event in London. You shouldn’t shy away from approaching Babson Alumni because they are actually happy to help students.