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How to introduce yourself to as many colleagues as you can during a pandemic? Staying safe and connected.

I started my internship in the UK while the country was reopening. It is important to respect everyone’s personal space, and handshake might not be the best way to introduce yourself. My company has people working from the office and from home depending on their teams and their current locations. To connect with each other, we use platforms such as WhatsApp, Slack, and Zoom. In addition to those we also use an app called “donut” on slack that matches you with a co-worker for a 10-minute video chat. You can easily do this by messaging people in your organization and asking to chat for 10 minutes.  If it is a smaller company or a start-up sending messages might be a better way to stay connected, but in a corporate environment keeping conversations on the emails might be a better way. Be mindful of methods your co-workers use for communications, and ask them for contacts working in your area of interest that you can reach out to for questions and advice.