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How Babson Prepares Us for Internships

College is the time of life to explore new opportunities and experiment with ourselves to find what professional path will lead us to happiness. My time at Babson College has taught me to always analyze the information given, to seek for more knowledge, and to be open for the people around. Thus, my internship experience proved the value of our school’s unique program to teach us to be knowledgeable and competent in the business field as well as professional in our communication and manners.

First, I would like to mention the importance of the resources available to the student body on campus, such as CCD, one-on-one meetings with peers and professionals, career events, and many more. All of this is available to us throughout the whole year and I am more than glad that I had the opportunity to work with CCD because that opened many doors for me. Thus, Babson really provides the resources to us to be competitive on the market and all that is left to us is to utilize them!

Now, when I started my summer internship in person I was concerned is I would be well received at work by my colleagues. At the beginning, I did not know if I would be able to help. However, this turned out to be no concern as the people at Deloitte Bulgaria are open-minded and enjoy teaching their younger colleagues including me. Babson showed me how to approach people on my own, be creative, and ask my coworkers if I could help at any free point of time and I implemented it. My advice for future interns is to keep up with their academics but also work on their interpersonal skills and Babson gives us plenty of opportunities for development in this direction. It is all on us to use our time effectively because taking the most out of every experience now, is an investment in the future.