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How to Make the Most Out of the Pandemic

When I began putting together my summer plans, I, like everyone else, never would have imagined for this summer to look like this. With so much going on, I am so thankful for my internship at FitVine Wine. It has been an experience to see how companies have responded to current events. 

FitVine’s summer plans fell through as it included thousands of wine samplings all through the country, as well as pushing the wine at as many events as possible. FitVine wanted to have their wine advertised and served at CrossFit competitions, yoga retreats, races, and much more. I was going to help them plan and organize events, with the ultimate goal of spreading more awareness about the brand. Clearly, FitVine had to change their plans, and react to the pandemic. Instead, I have been helping with digital marketing and their ambassador advertising. It has been interesting to work with brand ambassadors and see how they can promote the brand in a positive way. I also have been scheduling live videos on FitVine’s Instagram page. They have over sixty thousand followers, and we try to include a range of workouts, yoga, and cooking classes.  I have been tracking the analytics which are very insightful. 

I have always been interested in health and wellness. I love to live a healthy lifestyle, and now I truly understand what it means to be in an industry that interests you. FitVine Wine is in the food and beverage industry, but they also think of themselves as a lifestyle brand. They promote fitness and healthy choices. Drinking alcohol often feels like a compromise to some people on fitness journeys, and FitVine has been helping people across the country find the balance. During this pandemic, more and more people have realized the importance of living a healthy lifestyle, both mentally and physically. Often alcohol helps one relax and can be a tool social events. While these events may take place over the internet, they are still important. Wine sales have increased during the pandemic, and FitVine is making the most out of the unfortunate circumstances with purposeful marketing. I have learned how important it is to be aware of the evolving situations around you and to understand how consumers react. Understanding consumer behavior is crucial when growing a business during a pandemic! 

I am excited to learn more about the food and beverage industry and how FitVine grew from an idea to the fastest growing wine company in the country!