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For many things we do in life, we set goals to have a certain desired ending in mine. In order to achieve these endings, we have to aim for them and shoot- take the necessary actions to achieve them. Sometimes we might hit the target and other times we might miss, regardless of the outcome, in the process of trying to achieve that goal, we learn at least one thing. It was not my intension to intern in Ghana this summer but due to how Covid-19 shifted our lives around, I ended up with a role as an Operations Intern at The Woods and I intend to make the best out of this learning experience I have been offered. 

In order to set the best goals for myself pertaining to this internship, I decided to use the popular acronym, SMART. This guide for setting goals helped me to make sure that my goals are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-Constrained. Aside from this, I considered the job description, my current weaknesses which I am trying to improve on as well as Covid-19 and the uncertainty it brings everyday. After much reflection and introspection I have set 3 goals for myself.

  1. Improve my ability to work under pressure

The Woods being a bar and restaurant, always has a lot of going on. On some days, there are live band events, people ordering food for delivery, people coming in to watch football games in the lounge all happening and though some other days are calmer, those days are rare. The more frequent busy days will demand a lot from me because of my role hence I might feel overwhelmed initially but I intent to charge through and be able to handle more responsibility as time goes on.

  1. Improve on my excel using abilities 

In order to keep track of inventory and expenses, I intend to use Excel. Though overtime I have explored Excel significantly, there are some features which o barely use and others which I have never used before but could make my work simpler. I will learn more about these features, use them more often and become more conversant with them. Hopefully this can help me in future classes and jobs.

  1. Improve on my customer service skills 

In previous internships, though I have had the chance to interact with some customers, it was very minimal and did not test that ability very well. Due to the nature of the customer-based service of The Woods, I will have to interact more with customers whether I am under pressure or not. I believe that if I make an effort, this will push me to improve on my customer service skills which I can use in the future.