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3 Simple Tips to Make the Most out of your Remote Internship

The future remains a mystery. We as a society are still wondering when we will be able to ditch Zoom and return to in-person interactions. When I first accepted the role of interning at Hidden Harbor Capital, a small company based in South Florida. I was ready to follow all the tips to make a good impression as an intern. I was looking forward to getting into the office early and staying late. However, these plans were quickly thrown aside as we began to deal with the COVID pandemic. I was left to wonder how I can still make a great impression while working from home.

I quickly realized that working from home is similar to working in the office. Just as you would want to dress nicely and show up looking professional while working in person. You also want to make sure you’re looking professional via Zoom. Try putting a virtual background of the Babson logo or use the logo of the company you are interning with. This will limit distractions from your background. You can also be the first one on the company/group-wide Zoom meeting. Taking the time to log into the meeting a few minutes early allows you to not only show people you are committed but also allows you to chat with members of the company before the meeting starts. Allowing you to build valuable relationships that will be very beneficial in the long-term. Furthermore, just because you can’t have lunch in person doesn’t mean you can’t have a “virtual lunch”. Ask someone you want to talk with more if you could have a “virtual lunch” with them, and 9 out of 10 times they will say yes. This allows you to not only ask questions but also build a relationship with them that could help lead you to your next job or internship.

Working from home is not easy and has been a tough adjustment. However, we need to get used to this virtual environment and make the most of it. Start by following these tips and you can get on the right track to making the most of your experience.