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3 Pros of the Start-up Environment

This summer, I am working as a marketing intern at two jewelry start-ups: Ashita New York and Rent the Jewelry. I was very excited going in because I believed in the potential both companies had to disrupt the jewelry industry. Ashita New York aims to create an inclusive community and spread positivity through colorful gold jewelry. Rent the Jewelry’s mission is to deliver affordable luxury jewelry rental experiences for the most important events in one’s life such as weddings.

As a marketing intern, some of my responsibilities include influencer marketing, email marketing, and competitor outreach. Here are some positive aspect of a start-up environment from my first couple weeks at these two companies:

  1. Your Work Matters – Your work will be laying the foundations for the coming year(s). As I started to work the email marketing for the companies, I realized that my work will be used for their email subscriptions long-term unless something needs to be critically changed. Emails within welcoming series are often a one and done 
  2. Ease of Communication – When working in a smaller team, communication is much smoother and easier. You do not have to wait days for someone someone at the top of the organizaitonal structure to reply. The CEO and founder(s) of the businesses are usually right at your fingertips.
  3. Learning – I believe when working in teams, there is an opportunity for everyone to learn from each other. I have learned so many skills from my peers. Even if you do not learn hard skills, many soft skills are learned. For example, dealing with conflicts and being a leader are great soft skills to have.

Start-up internships are not for everyone, but I wanted to highlight some of the positive aspects for people to think about when searching for internships.