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How to Pull Knowledge from Your College Education Into Your Internship

The correlation between the skills I learn in school at Babson College and the skills I use in my day-to-day as an Intern at Beautini is incredible. My official role is for Data Analytics, but in reality I wear a ton of different hats at work, which is my favorite part of the job. While my main focus is to streamline Beautini’s data processes, I also help with product development, SEO marketing, content strategy, and budgeting. I keep my notes from school near my desk and find myself pulling them out to look up keynotes from an inbounding marketing lecture from Information Technology, or even a lesson on how to create a Bill of Materials from Technology Operations Management. I also pull from my ability to compartmentalize when moving from class to class when I have a lot of different projects. I use compartmentalizing to be fully present and focused on the most important task I need to accomplish, without worrying about all the other lingering taks on my to-do lists. This is especially important when you are constantly receiving work emails. It is so tempting to immediately jump from what you are working on to respond, but I learned to treat blocks of time where I need to focus on a project as if it were a class, where it is completely unacceptable to take out your phone and 100% of your attention is demanded of you. In order to do this though, I need to make a conscious effort to use the tactics I learn in school at work. I remind myself every morning of what my strategy will be to provide the highest quality of work that I can, and that I have a wealth of information in my old school notebooks by my side to help.