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Considering an Accounting Concentration?

This blog post was written by Peer Career Ambassador, Vivian Hsieh ’20

Of the many concentrations available at Babson, I chose to concentrate in Accounting for many reasons. It is definitely a challenging concentration, but there are so many positive sides to it that make it an attractive field to me and many other students. Below are three of Accounting’s main pros that made me choose this profession. 

Structured Pathway

Most of the big public accounting firms, including the Big Four, have structured early engagement programs. For example, they have the sophomore leadership programs that usually last for two days. These programs allow students to participate in other companies’ programs as well to help students find their best fit. As a participant of two companies’ sophomore leadership program, I was able to personally experience the differences and make decisions based on them. Through these programs, I was able to receive an internship offer for junior year, and then I was able to get a return offer for after I graduate. The structured pathway alleviated a lot of my stress throughout college as I did not have to constantly worry about finding an internship or a job. I was able to focus on school and extracurricular activities only because of these early engagement programs. 

Reputable Profession 

What is a profession that is as reputable as doctors or lawyers? Accountants! Most people who concentrate in Accounting end up getting their CPA license and are able to put the title behind their names. The CPA license is very reputable because it requires the passing of challenging exams, various years of continuing education, and a good understanding of the industry regulations. It is not easy to stay on top of these requirements, which is why people often look up to accountants. Our clients come to us because they trust our ability and our knowledge about the industry and all relevant information going on in the world, and this, to me, is a great honor and an encouragement for me to join the field. 

Secure Employment 

The last main reason that I chose to concentrate in Accounting is that it ensures a secure employment opportunity given that almost every business in the world requires accounting. Accountants can help clients with payroll, taxes, and many other areas that people do not usually think of at first. By having so many functions, an accountant can be less worried about losing or not having employment opportunities. Moreover, accountants usually make pretty decent money, especially when they have the honorable CPA title attached to their names. If the monetary incentive is what motivates you, consider Accounting as a concentration. 

These are just some of the reasons why Accounting is a good concentration to go into. There are many more benefits to it, so feel free to reach out to me, Brenda Kotysk from CCD or any Accounting professors to learn more about the concentration.