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2020 Career Fair Tips and Tricks

This blog post was written by Peer Career Ambassador, Alex Martiros ’21.

Have you started thinking about what you will be doing this coming summer? Have you considered gaining experience in a career that interests you? Or, do you have no idea how to start job searching but want to? If you relate to any of these, come to the Career Fair!

The Career Fair! On Thursday, February 27th, 2020, Babson is hosting the Career Fair. This is a unique opportunity where you can learn about different companies, speak to recruiters and network with employees from a variety of companies. You do NOT need to stay the entire time; in fact, you can drop in for just twenty minutes if that’s the only time you have! There are many companies attending this event, including Boston Scientific, Dell Technologies, EY, KPMG, PWC, Wayfair, and many more. But before you attend, make sure you prepare and read over the tips listed below.

  1. Research companies you’re interested in

Make sure you know a little bit about the companies you plan on talking to before showing up! This includes looking at the positions the company offers and making sure you have 2-3 questions prepared, questions whose answers can not be found online. You should also conduct some basic research on the product or service provided by the company, the culture, internship program, etc. This will help you have a general idea before you approach employers.

  1. Network, Network, Network

The best and easiest way to network is to come prepared with questions, be yourself, bring multiple copies of your resume, and follow-up. Look for Babson Alumni on Linkedin who work in that company and reach out to them.  Ask for a time to chat or to grab a coffee in order to get a better understanding of what working in the company truly entails, and to continue to show interest in the company- this emphasizes your eagerness and willingness to learn more about them!

  1. Have an open mind

Be open to talking to companies from industries you are not very interested in, you never know what a conversation could spark. Also, do not just visit the large and well-known companies, many times it is in small companies where you get the most hands-on experience and are able to learn the most.


  • Shake hands firmly, make eye contact, and smile
  • Ask for a business card and send a thank you email after the event (within 24hrs)
  • Make sure your resume is on point and bring multiple copies
  • Dress business professional
  • Keep in contact with recruiters from companies that interest you
  • Be attentive- stay active and engaged in the conversation


  • Chew gum
  • Ask for the job or if the company is hiring (research that before on handshake)
  • Monopolize the recruiter’s time- there are a lot of people excited to talk to them
  • Interrupt someone who is speaking 

There is so much more to attending a Career Fair than just finding a job or an internship. You will learn how to pitch to employers, build and sustain connections, and get a head start in your career journey. Just showing up and presenting yourself professionally is a really unique opportunity. One final tip- remember to smile and relax, the employers are just as excited and anxious to meet you as you are about meeting them. 

Students don’t need to register in advance– just mark your calendar and we’ll see you there!