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Vmock Resume Review Tips

This blog was written by Peer Career Ambassador, Yuwei Zheng ’22.

Did you know that Babson has partnered with VMock, an AI tool that gives you instant feedback on your resume’s content and formation? VMock is a resume platform that annotates your resume with personalized feedback on all aspects of your resume, and the benchmarks your resume against other Babson students. 

How VMock Works?

  1. Go on https://www.vmock.com/babsonugrad
  2. Click on the “@Continue with University ID” button, and log in with your Babson email address and password
  3. Upload your resume in PDF Format. The VMock will run through tons of algorithms to screen your resumes against a set of benchmarks and give you instant feedback in less than 1 minute.
  4. Click the blue “View Detailed Feedback”
  5. VMock will then 
  • Provide you with resume guidelines based on Babson template
  • Tell you exactly what you should work on and change 
  • Annotate your resume with personalized feedback and score your resume in three areas: Impact, Presentation, and Competencies 

VMock focuses on three areas of your resume: Impact, Presentation, and Competencies. Here are some tips to help you improve your resume and VMock Score:

Impact Section

  • Begin each bullet point with strong and specific action verbs
  • Try to quantify the amount or frequency of your accomplishment and impact. 
  • Avoid personal pronouns and filler words

Presentation Section

  • One page resume is the norm for the business industry
  • Make sure you include essential sections such as Personal Details, Education and Experience sections on your resume. The date for the Education section should be your expected graduation date, not the start date.

Competencies Section 

  • Use this to make sure you have the five skills (Analytical, Communication, Leadership, Teamwork, and Initiative) that employers are looking for when they are reading your resume 

Other Suggestions

  • Focus on VMock’s feedback rather than the score.
  • You only get 10 chances to upload your resume per year, so make relevant changes before you upload your resume again. 
  • Make sure you check out the “Targeted Feedback” bottom and then click on the “To see how the resume measures against your community, click here” button to benchmark your resume against your Babson peers
  • When you receive a score of at least 65, you have a chance to ask for Network Feedback. Network Feedback allows you to get feedback and advice from people who you would ask for career advice.
    • Make sure you ask the person if he/she is willing to review your resume before asking through VMock 
    • Follow up with the reviewer and send a Thank You note via in person or email.