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Making the Most of Your Thanksgiving Break: Networking!

This blog was written by Peer Career Ambassador, Catherine Ferri ’21

While Thanksgiving break is a great time to travel, relax, and take a much-needed break from academics, it is also a great time to plan for your career success. Luckily, here at Babson, we have a whole week off for Thanksgiving, so you will have lots of time for R&R, that is, rest and (career) readiness! 

Thanksgiving is the holiday celebrating gratitude, so why not reach out to the connections in your professional life to express your thankfulness for their guidance? This can help to strengthen and solidify professional connections, something that will be especially handy when you are searching for an internship or job. 

Below are some steps that you can take to show those influential figures in your professional network that you appreciate their career support:

  1. Make a List.

Start by thinking of your past and future professional experiences. How did you acquire these positions? Who helped you along the way? These people could be professors, mentors, recruiters, advisors, etc. You want this task to be manageable, so try to make sure your list is not too long so that you do not get overwhelmed. Remember, career readiness can be a part of your break, but only when coupled with rest! 

2. Compose a Thoughtful Note.

Choose whether you would like to send a card or an email, depending on which you deem to be most appropriate for the recipient. Before writing your note, keep the four S’s in mind: Short, Sweet, Simple, & Specific. Mention a specific piece of advice or guidance they provided you with and let them know how it made an impact on you! Avoid long stories and instead aim for a note that is concise, but meaningful!

3. Give thanks!

Send your notes! Although the people you are sending the note to may be out of the office for the holiday, your note will be a great thing for them to see upon their return.

In addition to sending these thank you notes, if you are spending Thanksgiving with friends or family, this break can also be a great time to enhance your personal network with new connections. Take time to learn about the career paths of your family and friends and the day-to-day activities their positions entail. If what they describe seems of interest to you, be sure to ask if there are opportunities for a job shadow or connections to which they can introduce you. Networking can happen anywhere, whether it be at a professional event or the Thanksgiving dinner table!

Wishing everyone a great Thanksgiving Break – don’t forget R&R! ☺️