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How to Best Utilize Handshake

This blog post was written by Peer Career Ambassador, Simon Zhang ‘21

Looking to use Handshake to its full potential?

As Babson students, we need to use Handshake as it is the best resource for students of all grades to search for jobs and internships. Each job and internship are vetted to make sure that the students get the job that best fits their interests or goals. We also make sure that the employers are legitimate establishments and that they will provide the right opportunities for students. 
Below are some tips students can use to best utilize Handshake:

  1. Fill out your profile to most accurately represent yourself and your accomplishments. This is your chance to shine by showcasing your skills. Use your resume as a guide. You can add any amount of information that you cannot otherwise fit into your resume. This information on your profile is important because many employers will check the profile to see if the prospective students best match their program.
  2. When searching for jobs, make sure that you update your preferences and keywords so that Handshake’s algorithm can tailor your searches. 
  3. The Home Page of Handshake shows jobs that you have indicated that you have an interest in. It will also recommend other positions from different companies that you might have an interest in as well. It will also have different sections like Trending Questions, Upcoming Events from CCD, and networking opportunities. These sections are worth exploring because they can give much more information about the current job atmosphere and how to best prepare for your application. 
  4. Handshake indicates which alumni or current students have worked at the company and the position. This will help you find a network to which you can contact and gain more information and insights about the position. 
  5. If location is a very important aspect in your search, Handshake can tailor your searches to certain locations like Boston, New York, or Los Angeles. 
  6. Check back regularly because new opportunities are posted all the time. Saving your searches will ensure that you will receive notifications about new jobs every day. 
  7. Make appointments with career advisors or sign up for events on Handshake. Handshake is the only place for students to create appointments with career advisors and they are one of the greatest resources to use for applying for jobs.