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First Year Fridays !

This blog post was written by Peer Career Ambassador, Catherine Ferri ’21.

One of the most essential skills students must develop in their early college years is professionalism. Suddenly, in the quick transition from high school to college, students begin applying for career-focused positions, like internships — and eventually jobs. Having experienced this seemingly overwhelming adjustment myself, I was especially grateful to those in Babson’s CCD and others for helping to guide me through this process. As a result, important tasks such as creating professional profiles, building a resume, searching for the right roles, and navigating application processes have become significantly less daunting. One tool CCD has created, exclusively for first-year students, is called First Year Fridays.

First-Year Fridays is a program designed to educate freshmen about a range of career-related topics and equip them with the tools to embark on their career search journey with ease. Everyone comes to college with a different range of experiences and varying degrees of knowledge regarding professional development. The professional atmosphere surrounding the Babson campus sometimes makes it difficult for first years to realize that we all started just like you. The goal of First Year Fridays is to bridge the gap between the high school senior and the professional first-year student. Each Friday, Peer Career Ambassadors present different topics that address this gap, as well as tips for where to start. Peer Career Ambassadors can provide valuable insights as they were first-year students just a few years before. Attending First Year Fridays allows first-year students to learn something new each week about a career-related topic while getting a headstart on career opportunities. Those that start early, with a willingness to learn and a goal to distinguish themselves professionally, will have an advantage over their peers when competing for positions in the workforce. In addition, familiarizing oneself with the opportunities and programs at the Career Center, as well as developing relationships with the CCD team, fosters knowledge-sharing, advice, feedback, and opportunities – tools that will be vital while pursuing your dream position. We are here to help students pursue careers that they can enthusiastically embark upon following graduation. First Year Fridays is the place to begin that process.

What are you waiting for? Join us for First Year Fridays from 1:00-1:30 in Hollister 105! In just 30 minutes, you will learn about a new career-related topic and have your specific questions answered by Peer Career Ambassadors. See you on Friday!