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Startup in the Entertainment Industry

Startups are never easy; each one has their own struggle it goes through. The company I interned for just finished its second year in the Entertainment industry, as a TV show. Even though the company is a TV show that is based off a renowned newspaper that does not mean they will get special treatment. Since the show is new it does not get a good show time. The showtime is during the day, so many people are still working and cannot watch it, and thus it is harder for the company to gain more viewers. Fortunately, the company just won an Emmy award, so its popularity might allow them to move their showtime to a better time.

Additionally, since this is a new company in a different industry from their newspaper, people have to adapt to the difference in industries. People have to adapt to new laws, events that may occur, etc. A startup even if backed by good investors take a lot of work and adaption to learn how everything works and succeed in the future.