Undergraduate Blog / Defining Your Babson


As a kid in school growing up you think that summer is the greatest time because you do not have to go to school, you do not have to wake up early, and you do not have to do any work. Every kid loved to relax in the summer sun. However, when transitioning into college, I did not want to only relax in the summer, I also wanted to intern somewhere. I wanted to learn more about the real world and how it worked. I wanted to work because I knew it was better for me. Did I like to wake up early and not hang out with friends all day? Of course not, but I knew I had to and it would help me grow. Additionally, I was able to become better at time management, planned out my day and times to be with friends and family. As a result, the internship was not only helpful in teaching me what I had to know for the job, but it also allowed me to mature and start thinking about more than just fun. I had to learn how to make time which I believe will be a useful skill in the future.