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Standing out by being a good team member

Working for Kahawatu foundation has taught me to work in different departments, as it is already a very small. When I took up my internship, I wondered how this would line up with my current concentration at Babson. I am currently doing Accounting and I soon realized that the accounting and finance department was very small and that there was not much to learn. As one of my strengths is to be a learner, I decided that it was time for me to look into other positions within the foundation. As my supervisor said, it is important to work hard within a company and make yourself indispensable. I had heard that Monitoring and Evaluation is such an important part of any project as it allows you to measure the impact of your work. I decided to use my time wisely to shadow the person in charge of this task within the foundation. I learned so much that I did not know, such as the different software that facilitate his job. One never knows when they will find themselves working in a small company where you have to do everything to get things done. Keeping an open mind to learning new things is what will help you in such a situation and it will make you stand out among everyone else as a good team member.