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Show your value in the team

How to show my value in the team? This problem has been asked by everyone when people start to work. If you cannot find your own value in the team, you are confused and lost when you are doing works with the team. Everyone wants to be recognized by others. They want others to know they can actually help the team to do works. Then what should we do to stand out in the team and let teammates see our values?

Firstly, organize more events that can communicate with teammates. For example, have a small team bonding every Friday for one hour and let everyone knows your creative ideas and show your respect to every teammate. In the team bonding, people who love singing or dancing can perform the show and let more teammates to see your talents.

Secondly, manage yourself and convince your teammates that you are reliable. In daily life, if your behavior shows that you are not reliable and trustable, it is hard to let your teammates to trust in during work time. Be a nice person in daily life and manage your behaviors carefully to show others your value.

Thirdly, you need to have the ability to do work well. If you just want to show your value but you actually cannot do work well, your teammates will not trust you next time that you can do work well. If you find that you cannot complete the work perfectly, then improve yourself and try to do work well next time to gain recognition from your teammates.