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Key takeaways from summer internship

As I ended my summer internship, I would like to thank Fosun Group for providing this amazing experience I have with the team and in New York City. I found that healthcare/bio-tech is definitely my passion, and I would like to pursue this in the future. What I did in the summer was very meaningful to me– I evaluated potential drugs that are evolutionary to cure cancer. This product is called ADC, or anti-body drug conjugate, and it is a artificial antibody that carries toxic drugs. As the ADC is attached to cancer cell’s antigen, the drug will be internalized into the cancer cell. The drug will then dissolve into the cancer cell and kill the cell from the inside. ADC is still an undeveloped market in China, and it is meaningful as it can change people’s lives once it is successfully introduced.

In this project, I did market research on ADC products and financial modeling. Financial modeling was a challenge since biotech companies are significantly different from other companies. Even though it is listed, there are no revenue and profits. Many drugs are under clinical development and research. Therefore, valuing such company requires more research and understanding of the industry and company.

Before this internship, I did not know where my passion was. However, this internship confirmed me that I want to benefit people’s lives no matter what I do in the future. I am insignificant compared to the world, but I want to make a mark and benefit others.