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How to talk like a skillful sales

In the process of dealing with customers, the main thing is to gain the trust of customers. Buyers can be described as diverse, with identity-oriented, worried about traffic, and afraid of failing to pay for property management fees. For example, if you want to believe in you, you must first relieve their psychological burden. Therefore, inspection is the first skill of sales. If you are good at viewing, you must first be good at listening. Only when the customer tells his heart that you have enough ability to understand his concerns. When the customer is worried about whether the real estate can be completed as scheduled, you can tell him how high the usage rate is. It is a surplus, and it should highlight the strength, deeds and development direction of the developer.

Speaking empty words can not reflect language skills, quality information is an empty talk, buyers do not know what is high-quality materials, nor patience to study. Therefore, when it comes to materials, the brand, strengths and characteristics of the materials used should be pointed out. The rich professional knowledge is more realistic than the language skills. In actual operation, the sales staff should always calculate the accounts for the customers. Such as the relationship between one-time payment and mortgage, the relationship between renting and buying a house, and so on.