Undergraduate Blog / Defining Your Babson

How to stay positive in an industry you that is challenging and you are unfamiliar with.

As I started my internship in Fosun Pharma analyzing biotechnology companies and products, I have came across many challenges to understand scientific terms and conferences. I recall the first time when my manager brought me to a life science conference hosted by JMP Securities, I was lost and anxious. I have never been to a science conference in my life, hearing terms that sounded like another language. When I payed close attention and decide to google one knowledge, the speakers soon are discussing on the next topic! My manager and I also had face-to-face conversations with leaders from biotech companies, and we negotiated deals from an investor’s perspective to potentially collaborate and licence products into China.

However, I did not give up asking my manager about anything I did not understand about. At first, my manager was hesitant to explain everything to me since he thought I would not understand. As I persisted, my manager is more willing to teach me. Key takeaway: never give up on learning and asking someone superior to you. It is about your attitude to learn, not about how much you know.